1990 HSV SV 5000 ... $13,500

One owner SV 5000. All original 200kW/410Nm 4987cc V8 in SV Racing Green with original grey leather/velour interior. Log books and only 104,000 km. NSW Nth. Coast car.

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Build No:

274 of 359 built


The SV5000 was the hottest version yet of the Commodore with an extra 20kW of power at the time of it's release..

The SV5000 left GHMA as a Berlina with optional power equipment. The interior is similar to that of the Calais and features modified Statesman seat pads.

The engine of the SV5000 was reworked internally and the ancillaries received their usual attention. The modifications to the internal engine include flat top pistons, revised camshaft, bigger valves and updated valve springs. It was supplied to HSV by the Holden Engine Company.

Other modifications to the engine were a knock sensor, modified induction system, special extractors feeding into twin skin pipes to reduce radiated noise, special throttle body and switch assembly, and a recalibrated engine management system. Underneath, fabricated exhaust shields were specified. A new cold air intake system had bell mouth venturi shape and drew cold air through a cut out in the panel beside the radiator on the passenger's side. This was standardised on all subsequent V8 HSV vehicles.

Instead of using different offsets for the front and rear wheels, HSV used a narrower rear axle that was specially produced for an earlier VL component and was used in all SV5000 models and related vehicles which allowed the same alloy wheels to be fitted on both the front and rear. Heavy duty Corvette ZR-1 twin piston front brakes were used while the normal heavy duty Commodore finned caliper ventilated front discs were specifically cast to fit the rear.

The SV5000's front suspension acquired a new 27mm anti-roll bar which was produced with the existing tooling for the 26mm item. HSV developed a new 28mm item for the SV90 and these were standard on all HSV's following the release of the SV90 in July 1990.

With only a 1mm increase in diameter, it was a 3.7 % increase in total size but had a 16 % increase in roll stiffness. The last vehicles produced in the SV5000 range had a significantly greater roll resistance than the SV89.

The pentagonal star design wheel was new to the HSV family and had already been used on LE wagons however they were added to the SV5000 with wider rims. The body additions were a combination of SV89 front and rear lower air dams with new SV5000 side skirts, grille and bootlid spoiler. Refined full radius front wheel arch extensions were a first for the SV5000.

The only colours that were initially available were Rose Grey seen on the SV3800 and SV Racing Green which is a lovely metallic dark green. The green is sometimes referred to as Anthracite and was a custom colour and unavailable on the standard VN range. The colour required GMHA to do a separate production run for HSV.

Both the green and grey models had been discontinued by the time the T30 was released but the SV5000 was still available in Imperial Blue, Ruby Red and Alpine White. The only Alpine White vehicle was exported to the Sultan of Brunei and 31 Racing Green cars were exported to New Zealand.

A Rose Grey car with build number 42 was sent to the UK to be used by Tom Walkinshaw. Although it was in competition with similar European sports sedans, the SV5000 was successful and was also significantly quicker than the other vehicles on the market.

The main running change to the car was the introduction of full climate control in April 1990.

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